Weight loss principle of traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that obesity is related to phlegm, dampness and Qi deficiency. For example, the Internal Classic says: “vegetarian is fond of fat and sweet, good wine color, fat body and abundant phlegm”. Other medical books mentioned “fat people have more phlegm and dampness”, “fat white people have more dampness”, “fat people are sleepy and lazy, feeling is Qi Deficiency” and so on. Therefore, to lose weight with traditional Chinese medicine, we should start with Supplementing Qi, strengthening spleen and resolving phlegm, make use of the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, adjust various organs of the human body, restore the original function, convert excess fat into fat, and restore energy metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss. Traditional Chinese medicine can help regulate the viscera and endocrine, make the blood and Qi run better, eliminate the excess water in the body, as well as the metabolic waste and toxins accumulated in the body, and accelerate metabolism. However, traditional Chinese medicine is also medicine; After all, medicinal materials have medicinal properties and Taboos; Diet pills are not 100% safe because they contain traditional Chinese medicine.

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