Five kinds of traditional Chinese medicine make women lose weight effectively

The causes of obesity are different, and there are different methods of treatment; Traditional Chinese medicine also has side effects on weight loss. Taking it for a long time will sometimes cause low immune function or anemia. When you want to find traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight because of obesity, you’d better ask a specialist for guidance.
Adzuki Beans:
It has a good diuretic, detumescence and detoxification effect. “Therapeutic Materia Medica” says: “eat thin people for a long time”. The application of adzuki bean to lose weight has a better effect on obesity with edema.
Lotus leaf:
It tastes sweet, astringent and flat. It enters the spleen meridian. It is a good summer heat clearing drug. Some people have used dried lotus leaves to fry soup every day instead of tea or porridge. After taking it for 3 months, they lose weight and have a significant effect on reducing blood lipid.
It is one of the three major drinks in the world. It has the functions of clearing the head, eliminating thirst, resolving phlegm, digestion and diuresis. Modern studies have proved that tea can reduce the concentration of serum cholesterol and the ratio of cholesterol to phospholipids, and can prevent and treat hyperlipidemia. The caffeine contained in tea can stimulate the central nervous system, reduce sleep and increase consumption.
In addition, theophylline and caffeine have diuretic and excitatory effects. It can be seen that its weight loss effect is the result of multiple functions. Therefore, under normal circumstances, drinking more tea is beneficial to health.
It tastes bitter, salty and cold. It enters the liver, stomach and kidney meridians, especially good at eliminating phlegm, softening hardness, promoting water, and reducing blood lipid. The mixture of alginic acid contained in seaweed and other molecules of amphetamine is an appetite inhibitor, which can reduce obesity without causing insomnia. Therefore, it is considered to be an ideal development product.
It tastes salty and cold. It enters the liver, stomach and kidney meridians. It has the effects of softening, firmness and dispersing knots, eliminating phlegm and diuresis, and can also make people thin. Modern research has proved that laminarin contains laminarin, which is a polysaccharide. Its low concentration of sulfuric acid compound is similar to heparin and has the effect of eliminating blood lipid.
It contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, which can reduce the deposition of animal fat in the heart, blood vessels and intestinal wall. According to clinical evidence, obese people can achieve ideal weight loss effect by eating 1-1.5kg kelp (or kelp) every month. Moreover, if iodine deficiency will also cause insufficient thyroid secretion and reduce the basic metabolic rate of the body, serious iodine deficiency will cause low-level energy output and induce obesity. Kelp has a good effect on obesity caused by hypothyroidism.